What About a Live T20 Cricket Match?

Live T20 Cricket Match

Cricket has a huge craze in the whole world. People at the International level are huge fans of cricket. You can get the live score of the match on various apps and websites, these apps provide you with a detail about the upcoming events and the ongoing match details. 

The t20 game is played on ordinary cricket grounds with all the rules applicable on one-day rules. There are a lot of rules and regulations to be followed while playing T20 cricket, some are minor whether some are major.

The T20 match is just like a one-day match with 20 overs. Each team gets 20 overs to compete with each other. The higher-scoring team wins the match. Each bowler gets a maximum of four to bowl. With all the decision rules and regulations the match is held between two different countries’ teams.

The T20 series has many countries participating in it. And all the updates are available online. You can also watch the T20 match series live on apps like Jio TV, Hotstar, and many more, these apps help you watch matches live from your mobile phone and gives you real-time updates of the match. 

Sometimes the one-day matches and the T20 matches are shown live on TVs and online. The real-time updates can easily be seen on television as it is held in the stadium. You can also get the highlights of the match later on the internet, the clips are available for all the people. 

You can check the live score of the daily T20 matches on various websites or on the internet.

T20 live score apps

T20 live cricket apps

There are many apps and websites which help you to get the live score of the match. You can also pin these apps on your phone to get live updates to your notification bar easily.  Here are some of the websites mentioned, which are famous live scores :

  • Cricbuzz – It is a very famous and commonly used app that is popular among android phone users to know the scores of T20. It is available in the play store, you can easily get it from there. 
  • ICCThis app not only shows you the score of T20 but also the highlights of the previous match. 
  • Sofa Score – This app enables you to know the score of all the matches, like T20, world cup, one day, and other tournaments. 
  • CricSmith – It provides the real-time update of the score, also notifies you about the sports that you are interested in. 

In this article, you will get to know about the live T20 cricket scores. There are various apps and websites which will show you the live updates of the scores of T20 on your phone or PC. I hope this article will help you to understand the apps that show live updates about live scores. 

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