Abhishek Bachchan is more than a team owner says Amit Hooda

Abhishek Bachchan treats the player

Amit Hooda said, Abhishek Bachchan has always been more than a team owner, he treats the player like his younger brothers. He spoke this in an interview with Prokabaddi.com. Abhishek’s behaviour has been a great effort in shaping the team Pink panther brigade. 

Dream of Ashok Das about the England Olympics 

Abhishek Bachchan

Ashok Das is a president of the England Kabaddi Federation; he says that it is his dream to see Kabaddi to be considered in the Olympics. Ashok Das is a former Kabaddi player, who represents Punjab, and he belongs to Kapurthala. He also has played All India kabaddi twice and won the silver medal. 

After moving to the UK, he started to concentrate on England Kabaddi, and he also passed the test of the National Kabaddi Coach. Ashok Das has passed many tests and competitions like this. He has also been a good supporter of Kabaddi and supported in every aspect he can. He trains players for the International competition and makes them competent enough to stand with other teams. 

Now, Ashok Das is trying to bring Kabaddi in the Olympics and make the sport more proud. Ashok says that our audience is interested in playing and watching cricket, so why not Kabaddi. He wanted to increase the value and importance of Kabaddi as cricket or some other sport. According to him, due to the constant support and development, kabaddi has become quite popular in Kabaddi, and slowly, it will cover the entire world. 

Ashok says that people have to support this game, and it is sure that people will love this game and will show their interest. He also says that the involvement of celebrities in the kabaddi is really appreciable and expects to keep it up in the future.

Women Kabaddi tournament in Haryana

A group of women, who were professional kabaddi players, many state level and national level athletes participated in the kabaddi tournament organized on Sunday at Singhu border, which was the origin of the farmers’ protest.

Most of the players who have participated in the game were from the farmers’ families of Haryana and Punjab, it was conducted at that location to make the protesters feel like they are not alone to express their unity with them. 

There were 12 teams who participated in the kabaddi tournament. It was conducted in the morning at 11. The first match was conducted between Fazilka and Sonipat. The Kabaddi tournament was won by the Jind district in Haryana. 

 Vivo isn’t sponsoring the Pro Kabaddi league 

Vivo has always been sponsoring the pro kabaddi league. But due to some problems raised between China and India so Vivo has to back off and has canceled this year’s edition of the Pro Kabaddi League. However, IPL was the first League from where Vivo took off their sponsor, and now Kabaddi is the second one. Not only this, but it also has decided to take off all the major deals that are made in India.

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